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About OzyBrains

Delivering Agile Environment Through DevOps

Re-Engineering your Development & Deployment Process

Step By Step Devops Implementation Process

Different phases of Devops process integrated into any business model seamlessly

Strategic planning

  • Before adopting the Devops culture, our Devops consulting team analyze the current IT infrastructure,available resources and products portfolio

  • With DevOps as a service, Increase the frequency of software deliveries with enhanced user experience

  • For a Devops strategy to be successful, use a top-down approach that gives practical & transparency approach within an Enterprise.

  • To keep the organization on the right track while implementing a Devops journey, there are a few key checkpoints to be followed. While planning aligning with the company's vision, analyzing the foundational & success factors, identifying & measuring the metrics

Solution Process

  • Devops consultants provides the knowledge transfer to all the teams including IT system admin team, delivery managers, test engineers, developers to successfully implement the Devops process

  • To prevent the infrastructure misconfigurations, our DevOps solution team practices an IaC method for automating and ensures that the software works well among all the development, testing and production environment

  • Throughout the implementation process, our Devops solutions & services team will provide support during the deployment and CI/CD configuration phases with the required DevOps automation tools & services.

Implementation procedure

  • To improve the software quality and speed up the delivery process, our DevOps services team follows a CI/CD strategy with set of powerful CI/CD tools like Jenkins,Bamboo. Also, it detects the post-release bugs much earlier through environment/docker monitoring tools like Zabbix, Nagios, ELK etc

  • With an effective Devops services & solutions we create a comprehensive Devops implementation plan along with the possible Devops-specific challenges and solutions of how to mitigate them. It brings up a readiness plan where there is a perfect alignment between CI/CD, IaC and other environments

Production Support

  • After kickstarting the Devops implementation process, our team provides effective support during the production stage until the software is delivered as expected without any last-minute bottlenecks

  • Provide continuous support to maintain the smooth transition of the software infrastructure

  • As a devops service provider, we provide a uniform load distribution within our client’s IT infrastructure

OzyBrains Effective Automation Development With DevOps

As devops consulting company we redefine the software delivery & deployment strategy

From the beginning, OzyBrains's mission has been to improve cloud platform for everyone. At its core, the OzyBrains Products & Services are designed around hybrid cloud Providers with open source Platform , enabling unparalleled visibility into the code that powers with latest security checks and various data privacies. 


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