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Hybrid Cloud Service provider
best practices as a Service

Re-Engineering your Development & Deployment Process - Build On Transformation with the #1 Native Hybrid Cloud Service CI/CD DevOps Provider as a Service


Built for Enterprise Collaboration, Security and Scale

Automate Adherence to Security Best Practices

Cloud providers like AWS, GCP, AliBaba Cloud, Oracle and Azure have hundreds of services with thousands of configuration options. OzyBrains audits these services to find the weak points in your infrastructure.

  • Servers exposed publicly to the internet

  • Unencrypted data storage

  • Lack of least-privilege policies

  • Poor password policies or missing MFA

  • Misconfigured backup and restore settings

  • Data exposure and privilege escalation

Fix Issues and Re-Evaluate

A security tool isn't much good if it doesn't help fix the problems it finds. Every OzyBrains scan report includes in-depth remediation steps. Don't just detect risks; fix them and continually reassess

Empower Developers and CISOs Alike

OzyBrains is built by cloud security professionals, with capabilities for all levels of the business: from developers to CISOs.

  • Open source core scanning engine

  • Full-featured RESTful API

  • Popular third-party integrations

  • High-level reporting tools and data export

  • Centralized dashboards supporting 1000s of accounts


Effective Automation Development With DevOps

As devops consulting company we redefine the software delivery & deployment strategy


A Secure and Reliable Platform

See how OzyBrains enabled Cloud to implement a true DevOps process and eliminated the need for manual intervention. 

Common Questions

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